Terms and conditions

Bryggerekka Bruktmarked

Remember! Take any items that have not been sold at the end of the market. The marketplace should be the same as when you arrived.




A space is maximum 3×3 meters. One table (183×75 cm) is included. It will be possible to hire extra tables, other things like clothing racks must be provided by the exhibitor.

In case of rain exhibitors must arrange to cover the items. It is possible to set up a tent (maximum 3×3 meters). This must be provided by the exhibitor.

It is not allowed to use open fire, grill, propane or frying.
Stand for food shall be used only for food service. The guidelines of Mattilsynet must be followed. We can only provide limited power capacity.

Serving food, coffee, cakes or other goodies are not permitted from stalls for used goods and craftsmanship.


The market is open every Sunday from May 21st, til September 3rd, 2023. Opening hours are 11-16.
All exhibitors must keep their belay open during all opening hours.



  • Upon payment  the rules and regulations are accepted.
  • Allocation of stalls happens after “first come, first served” principle.
  • Exhibitors can book space for several Sundays if desired.
  • Purchased space can not be changed after booking.
  • Unused stalls are not refundable.
  • Subletting is not allowed.


This is a resale and design market and exhibitors decide selection and price. It is not allowed to sell goods that are illegal to sell according to Norwegian law, such as weapons, alcohol, tobacco, Endangered Species and stolen goods. Sales of candy, cotton candy etc., and new mass-produced merchandise is not allowed. Those who run second-hand market as their business, must have a valid second-hand dealer license.


Rigging / Parking

  • Rigging and layout of goods is possible from 10:00 on sale day.
  • All exhibitors must be in place when the market opens at. 11:00. About exhibitor do not show up before 11.00, you lose the right to use the space.
  • It is not allowed with parking or driving in the area of used market opening.
  • Parking in the immediate vicinity, these are free on Sundays.
  • Down rigging is at 16:00.
  • The space must be cleared within 17.00.
  • Unsold items / trash must be removed by the exhibitor.


We have 4 stands available for food: M1, M2, M3 and M4.

It is only allowed to sell fruit and vegetables, cakes, sausages, ice cream, soda, fried waffles and hamburgers and the like (heat treated like finished sausages or fried hamburgers from the grocery store).It is not allowed to use open fire, grill, propane or frying. Common guidelines from the FSA applies.

Proper cleaning is important, see guidelines from Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

Securing tents

Most exhibitors brings their own tent, that means there are some security challenges related to this.

  • Tents must be secured in relation to fire and wind.
  • Whoever sets up a tent is responsible for the safety of the tent.
  • Tents must be anchored by plumb.
  • The tent should be taken down when there is high winds, we have considered this to be over 10s / m.
  • Tents should have webs of fire retardant material and be securely anchored so it does not blow away.


The market has no opportunity to deal with garbage. All must clean well after themselves and take with unsold goods and other equipment on the sale day’s end. This is important for us to continue with Bryggerekka flea market. If the market need to clean extra for you, this will be billed the exhibitor. There is no possibility for disposal of garbage in the area.


  • There is unfortunately no access to toilets.
  • There is no water on site, if you need water this must be be brought by the exhibitor.
  • If Bryggerekka due to force majeure; Unforeseen conditions, fire, flood or similar, must be canceled, will not amount paid will be refunded.
  • The Promoter reserves the right to approve exhibitors.
  • Intoxicated people will be expelled from the area.
  • Government laws and regulations apply.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for following the rules of buying and selling and providing the necessary messages to and permits from governmental authorities where it may be required.
  • By accepting the rules and conditions you acknowledge that you only sell own owned things.
  • Those who run second-hand market as their business, must have a valid second-hand dealer license.